SEASON: 69 | YEAR: 2017

Game 873 | January 27 | Byron Buxton, Jason Castro, Marney Gellner

(LtoR) Pete Kostroski, Marney Gellner, Jason Castro, Laura Day (physician), Byron Buxton

Game 874 | February 16 | P. J. Fleck

(LtoR) Dave Mona, P.J. Fleck, Mark Coyle (physician), Pete Kostroski

Game 875 | February 28 | Don Lucia

(LtoR) Pete Kostroski, Don Lucia, Randy Handel (physician)

Game 876 | March 20 | Scott Studwell, Ben Leber, Joe Schmit

(LtoR) Scott Studwell, Joe Schmit, Bob Hagan (physician), Ben Leber, Dave Mona

Game 877 | March 30 | Rick Kaiser

(LtoR) Pete Kostroski, Rick Kaiser, MGEN Rick Nash (physician)

Game 878 | April 20 | Paul Molitor, Derek Falvey

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Paul Molitor, Derek Falvey, Dave St. Peter (physician), Pete Kostroski

Game 879 | May 2 | Rick Spielman

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Rick Spielman, Lester Bagley (physician), Pete Kostroski

Game 880 | May 16 | Mike Veeck

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Mike Veeck, Bill Robertson (physician), Pete Kostroski

Game 881 | June 8 | Richard Pitino

(LtoR) Dave Mona, John Cunningham (physician), Richard Pitino, Pete Kostroski

(LtoR) Chris Wright, Dave Mona

Also at the June 8 meeting, Chris Wright was recognized for his work as our 2016 head coach and was presented a leather-bound book by Dave Mona that contains photo and summaries of all the games during his tenure as head coach.

Game 882 | June 16 | Mike Zimmer

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Mike Zimmer, Kevin Warren (physician), Pete Kostroski

Game 883| July 11 | The Refs: Pat Fraher, NBA; Brian Mach, NHL; Jeff Seeman, NFL;
Casey Hankinson

(LtoR): Joel Bergstrom (physician), Pete Kostroski, Jeff Seeman; NFL; Brian Mach, NHL; Pat Fraher, NBA;
Casey Hankinson (moderator); Dave Mona

Game 884 | Aug 3 | Hale Irwin

(LtoR): Pete Kostroski, Dave Mona, Hale Irwin, Jennifer Hines (Dunker and 3M Tournament Director),
Tom Duffy (physician)

Game 885 | Aug 24 | Nick Bjugstad, Brock Nelson, Anders Lee, Casey Hankinson

(LtoR): Sam Sigelman (physician), Dave Mona, Pete Kostroski, Anders Lee, Nick Bjugstad, Brock Nelson,
Casey Hankinson (moderator)

Game 886 | Sep 5 | Chuck Fletcher, Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Gorg

(LtoR): Pete Kostroski, Coach Bruce Boudreau, Chuck Fletcher, Jack Fiterman (physician),
Kevin Gorg (moderator), Dave Mona

Game 887 | Sep 8 | Jon Gruden

(LtoR): Pete Kostroski, Bob Hagen (physician), Jon Gruden, Dave Mona

Game 888 | Nov 6 | Tom Thibodeau, Ethan Casson, Alan Horton

(LtoR): Dave Mona, Pete Kostroski, Ethan Casson, Tom Thibodeau, Phil Soran (physician)

Game 889 | Nov 20 | Rob Brzezinski, Brian Murphy, Blake Baratz, Janel Klein

(LtoR): Pete Kostroski, Janel Klein (moderator), Brian Murphy, Rob Brzezinski, Blake Baratz,
Blake Hoffarber (physician) Dave Mona

Annual Meeting - 2017 | Dec 5 | Dave Mona, Sid Hartman