Game 486 | August 29, 1995
Tony Dungy, Brian Billick

Vikings head coach Dennis Green had a good eye for talent, and few teams have ever enjoyed the kind of coaching staff the Vikings had in 1995. Both Dungy as the offensive coordinator, and Billick as the defensive coordinator, would become NFL head coaches and lead their teams to Super Bowl victories. Dungy became the head coach at Tampa Bay in 1996 and coached the Indianapolis Colts to a victory in the 2007 Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears. Billick became head coach of the Baltimore Ravens in 1999 and took them to a Super Bowl victory over the New York Giants in his second year.

Game 582 | May 4, 2001
An 11th-round pick in the 1977 NFL draft, Brian Billick was cut by the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys and never played in an NFL game. He started his coaching career as an assistant at Brigham Young in 1978, and was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings from 1992-1998. He became head coach of the Baltimore Ravens in 1999, led the team to victory in Super Bowl XXXV against the New York Giants, and was fired at the end of the 2007 season.

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