Game 420 | February 13, 1992
McKinley Boston, Jim Wacker

Both Boston and Wacker were new in their jobs in 1992. Boston, a member of the Gophers' 1967 Big Ten champion football team, emerged late in the search for an successor to Rick Bay. Wacker, hired by Boston, came to Minnesota with a successful history of rebuilding football programs. Winner of four national titles and two college coach of the year awards, Wacker left Texas Christian to succeed John Gutekunst. The team went 2-9 in his first season as head coach.

Game 606 | September 24, 2002
Al Nuness, McKinley Boston

Following his tenure as Athletic Director and Vice President at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Boston worked with the Minneapolis Park Board on a program to rebuild youth athletic programs on the city's playgrounds and at the junior high school level. One of his biggest supporters was Nuness, former Gopher basketball star and long-time executive at Josten's.

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