Game 869 | September 12, 2016 | Bruce Boudreau
The newly hired head coach of the Minnesota Wild recalled his earlier time in Minnesota as a member of the notorious Minnesota Fighting Saints. In response to a question from members as to the possible outcome of a game at the time between the Fighting Saints and the Minnesota North Stars, Boudreau scanned the audience for Lou Nanne and said, "I'd have to go with the Fighting Saints." Halfway through its first season under Boudreau, the Wild was off to one of the best starts in team history.

(LtoR) Chris Wright, Bruce Boudreau, Dave Mona
Game 886 | September 5, 2017 | Bruce Boudreau, Chuck Fletcher, Kevin Gorg

(LtoR) Pete Kostroski, Coach Bruce Boudreau, Chuck Fletcher, Jack Fiterman (physician), Kevin Gorg (moderator), Dave Monaa

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