Game 456 | April 6, 1994
Tommy John, Bob Carpenter, Dick Bremer, Al Newman

This WCCO TV/Midwest Sports Channel television broadcast crew was together for only the 1994 season. Newman, the former utility infielder, left the next year, as did Carpenter. John, the former All-Star pitcher, stayed through 1997. Bremer; who joined the crew in 1983, celebrated 25 years of Twins broadcasting in 2008.

Game 492 | February 6, 1996
Herb Carneal, John Gordon, Dick Bremer, Tommy John, Bery Blyleven, Ryan Lefebvre

Just before the start of 1996 spring training the Twins radio and television broadcasters visited Dunkers and shared their thoughts on the young team. The radio crew again that year was Herb Carneal and John Gordon. The four-man television team included Dick Bremer, Tommy John, Bert Blyleven and Ryan Lefebvre.

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