Game 529 | April 14, 1998 | Nancy Lopez
The local LPGA event, known in 1998 as the Rainbow Foods Classic, moved from Edinburgh USA to the newly finished Rush Creek. Lopez, on a media day, told Dunkers about her career in which she won three majors and 48 tour events. As a 17-year-old amateur in 1975 she finished second in the U.S. Open. Her husband, Ray Knight, is a former National League All-Star baseball player.

Game 900 | August 2, 2018 | Nancy Lopez
Easily the best female golfer in the world from the late 1970s through the late 1980s, Lopez won nine events in her first year as a pro golfer, five of them in a row. She won 48 times in her career, three of them in major events. She told Dunkers that when she was just short of her ninth birthday her father entered her in a three-day tournament in Albuquerque. “I won my flight by 110 strokes and thought to myself, ‘hum,’ this could be fun,” she recalled.

(LtoR) Dave Mona, Nancy Lopez, Nancy Lindahl, Jennifer Hines (Director, 3M Championship), Tom Duffy (Physician)

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