Game 796 | September 19, 2012 | Kelci Bryant, Lindsey Berg, Amanda Smock, Hugh McCutcheon
Minnesota was well represented at the 2012 London Olympics. Bryant, a two-time NCAA champion diver for the University of Minnesota, won a silver medal in the 3-meter synchronized diving competition. Berg, who was in Minnesota to be inducted into the Gopher Sports Hall of Fame, was the setter on the silver medal-winning volleyball team that lost to Brazil in four sets. Smock, a star athlete at Melrose High School and North Dakota State University, did not earn a medal in the triple jump. McCutcheon, who had coached the U.S. men's team to gold in 2008, turned his attention to the U.S. women's team in 2012 and was about to take over as head coach of the University of Minnesota women's volleyball team shortly after his Dunker appearance.

Game 907 | November 27, 2018 | Hugh McCutcheon
With his team rated number two in the nation at the time of the meeting, he talked about team-building and coaching philosophy. “Everyone has a voice. This is not a dictatorship. That style doesn’t work anymore,” he said. “But we’re very serious about what we do. There is no room for drama. I remind them that this is a volleyball team and not a theater group.” He said he is very excited about the introduction of boys’ volleyball into Minnesota High Schools and that he quickly expects it to become a major sport.

(LtoR) Hugh McCutcheon, Julie Manning, Peggy Lucas (Physician), Nancy Lindahl, Dave Mona

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