Game 404 | May 29, 1991 | Charles Mecham
Already a success in two different careers, the 60-year-old Mechem was a surprising choice as commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association in 1990. Mechem was in town to promote the Northgate Computer Classic at Edinburgh USA Golf Club in Brooklyn Park. Glenwood, Minnesota, native Cindy Rarick won the event

Game 461 | June 8, 1994 | Charles Mecham, Kelly Robbins, Cindy Figg-Currier
With the LPGA returning to Edinburgh USA for the Minnesota LPGA Classic, Dunkers was visited by Commissioner Mecham and players Robbins and Figg-Currier. The event was won by Sweden's Liselotte Neumann. Robbins won the Jamie Farr Classic in 1994 and the LPGA Championship the next year. Texan Figg-Currier reduced her tour playing time in 1995 after the birth of her first child.