Game 556 | November 11, 1999 | Dan Monson
Minnesota faced a massive rebuilding task after the Haskins-induced scandal. Monson, the young Gonzaga coach who had led his team to victory over a depleted Gopher team in NCAA Tourney play, was brought in to take over the program. The team, led by Dusty Rychart, Joel Przybilla and Terrance Simmons, finished 12-16 and lOth in the Big Ten.

Game 576| January 9, 2001 | Dan Monson
In their second season under Coach Monson the basketball Gophers made a modest improvement to 18-14 overall and a ninth-place finish in the Big Ten. The team qualified for post-season play and made it to the second round of the NIT, losing in overtime to Tulsa. Dusty Rychart and Terrance Simmons led the team in scoring.

Game 591 | November 13, 2001 | Dan Monson
The 2001-'02 season for Monson's basketball Gophers was nearly a carbon copy of the year before. The team finished 18-13, but improved to a sixth-place Big Ten finish. Once again they made the NIT post-season field and again lost in the second round, this time to Richmond. The team was led in scoring by Dusty Rychart, Michael Bauer and freshman Rick Rickert.

Game 611 | December 3, 2002 | Dan Monson
In his fourth season as Gopher basketball coach, Monson took his team to the final four of the NIT Tournament in New York where they lost to both Georgetown and Texas Tech after finishing sixth in the Big Ten for the second year in a row. Maurice Hargrow, Jerry Holman, Michael Bauer and Rick Rickart were the team's top scorers, and Rickart left for the NBA draft at the end of his sophomore season.

Game 644 | November 17, 2004 | Dan Monson
In his sixth season with Minnesota, Monson fielded his best team, finishing 21-11 and tying for fourth in the Big Ten. The team lost to Iowa State in the opening round of CAA post-season play. Junior college transfer Vincent Grier led the team in scoring with help from Dan Coleman and Jeff Hagen.

Game 666 | November 10, 2005 | Dan Monson
The Gophers took a major step backward in the 2005-'06 season, slipping back to lOth in the Big Ten and finishing with an overall record of 16-15. The team did make the NIT tournament, where they defeated Wake Forest and lost to Cincinnati. Vincent Grier; Maurice Hargrow and Adam Boone led the team in scoring.

Game 684 | November 13, 2006 | Dan Monson
Just two weeks before losing his job, Monson made his final Dunkers appearance. His team started the season 2-5, and Monson was fired after a nationally televised home loss to Clemson. Assistant Jim Molinari finished the season, in which the team won only nine of 31 games. Dan Coleman and Lawvrence McKenzie were the leading scorers. Monson subsequently became the head coach at Long Beach State.

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