Game 904 | September 25, 2018| Bob Motzko
A native of Austin, Minnesota, Motzko was named to succeed Don Lucia as Gopher hockey coach on March 17. A graduate of St. Cloud State, Motzko began his coaching career as a player-coach in 1979-80 with the Austin Mavericks. He was an assistant at Minnesota from 2002-04 and left to become the head coach at St. Cloud State in 2005. In 2017 he coached the U.S. National Junior Team and led that team to the World Championship later that year.

(Kneeling) Casey Hankinson (physician) (LtoR) Mark Coyle, Bob Motzko, Nancy Lindahl, Dr. Eric Kaler

Game 923 | November 14, 2019| Bob Motzko, Casey Hankinson
The Austin, Minn., native said that he wanted to be a Gopher from the time he learned to skate. He tried to make it twice as a walk-on player for the Gophers before transferring to St. Cloud State where he first served as an assistant to Herb Brooks. He went on to build a nationally ranked team at St. Cloud State, but was ready when the call came from Mark Coyle after last season. “I loved it at St. Cloud State,” he said, “but I made it clear that the only place I would leave for was the University of Minnesota.” He said the Gopher might start slowly this year with 19 freshmen and sophomores, but that the team should come together in the second half of the season. He said to not be surprised if Illinois was soon ready to join the Big Ten hockey conference. Casey Hankinson was the discussion leader with Coach Motzko.

(LtoR) Lester Bagley, Dave Mona, Bob Motzko, Casey Hankinson (physician), Mark Coyle

Game 943 | February 10, 2020 | Bob Motzko, Brad Frost, Casey Hankinson

(LtoR) Row 1: Lea B. Olsen, Bob Motzko, Brad Frost; Row 2: Casey Hankinson (moderator), Dave Mona

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