Game 619 | May 29, 2003 | Gov Tim Pawlenty
The former South St. Paul hockey player became the second Minnesota governor to appear before Dunkers. Arne Carlson was the first. Gov. Pawlenty took office in January 2003 after defeating Mike Hatch in the November elections. Many of the questions he fielded that day concerned the expressed needs of the Twins, Gophers and Vikings for new stadiums, all of which would require some degree of state participation.

Game 714 | April 10, 2008 | Gov Tim Pawlenty
Amidst rumors of a possible selection as a vice presidential candidate for Republican John McCain, Gov. Pawlenty said there was more than enough to keep him busy in Minnesota. He said the rebuilding of the collapsed I-35W bridge was ahead of schedule, but that a weakening economy was threatening the state's budget for 2009 and beyond.

Game 752 | March 9, 2010 | Gov Tim Pawlenty
It was a return appearance for the second-term Minnesota governor. He talked about plans to handle a projected budget shortfall, his thoughts on the 2012 Presidential election and upcoming Republican National Convention in Saint Paul as well as chances for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

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