Game 371 | June 13, 1989 | Mark Rosen, Mark Curtis, Perry Williams, Eric Kinkopf
From time to time Dunkers invited the local television sports anchors to tell us about themselves and how they got to this market. In early 1989 that group included Mark Rosen, Mark Curtis, Perry Williams and Eric Kinkopf.

Game 453 | February 10, 1994 | Mark Rosen, Joe Schmit, Randy Shaver, Jim Filleland
Only WCCO TV's Rosen remained from the group of sports anchors who had spoken to Dunkers in the summer of 1989. Once again they talked about their backgrounds and how they came to their current positions. Schmit, after leaving KSTP TV, became a member of Dunkers in 2007.

Game 487 | September 20, 1995 | Mark Rosen, Joe Schmit, Randy Shaver, Jeff Grayson, Jim Ric
It had been only a year since the primary TV sports anchors had visited Dunkers, but again there were several changes in the roster. Mark Rosen (Ch 4), Joe Schmit (Ch 5) and Randy Shaver (CH 11) made return appearances. It was the first appearance for Jeff Grayson (Ch 9) and Jim Rich (Ch 29).

Game 518 | September 25, 1997 | Mark Rosen, Joe Schmit, Randy Shaver, Mike Max
This was a return engagement for the sports reporters and anchors. The group included Mark Rosen, Joe Schmit, Randy Shaver and Mike Max, and all four talked about the career path that led them to their current positions.

Game 787 | March 7, 2012 | Mark Rosen
Speaking days before the official release of his book, "Best Seat in the House" Rosen shared some of the highlights of working in the WCCO TV sports department for some 40 years. The popular sports anchor shared insights into how he got the job while still a teenager and of his favorite memories, including the victory of the United States hockey team over the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid.

Game 920 | September 24, 2019 | Kirk Cousins, Mark Rosen
Early in is second season as the Vikings quarterback, Cousins spoke at the first ever meeting of the Dunkers at Minikahda Country Club. He recalled meeting Viking communications director and former Dunkers Head Coach Bob Hagan on his first visit to Minnesota. “How was your dinner at Murray’s last night,” Hagan asked. “The food was great, but it was a little pricey,” said the man who had just signed a three-year guaranteed $84 million contract. He extolled the virtues of many teammates by name…with high praise for his receiving corps. “One thing you quickly learn about Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph is that they are all wide open on every play.”

(LtoR) Mark Rosen (moderator), Kirk Cousins, Bob Hagen (physician), Lester Bagley, Dave Mona