Game 150 | March 14, 1967 | Ray Scott
One of the original members of the Minnesota Twins broadcast team, Ray Scott called Twins radio and television games from 1961-1966 and TV of the 1965 World Series featuring the Twins and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Twice named Associated Press Broadcaster of the Year, he left the Twins to become CBS' lead television announcer. A native of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, he pioneered the "less is more" school of television broadcasting "Starr ... McGee ... Touchdown." His brother; Hal Scott, was WCCO TV's lead sports anchor for many years.

Game 206 | April 20, 1972 | Ray Scott
A television sports pioneer, Scott called his first NFL game on the Dumont Television Network. His original Minnesota Twins radio partners were Bob Wolfe and Halsey Hall. Wolfe left after one year and was replaced by Herb Carneal. The team of Scott, Hall and Carneal worked together from 1962 to 1966 when Scott left for a full-time job with CBS Television.

Game 264 | August 22, 1978 | Ray Scott, Paul Giel
Giel was entering his eighth year as athletic director at the University of Minnesota. Among the challenges he discussed was the need to renovate 54-year-old Memorial Stadium, and talk in the 1970s even included the possibility of doming the old facility. Scott, a member of the top CBS football broadcasting crew until 1973, was the first broadcaster named to the American Sportscasters Hall of Fame shortly after his death in 1998

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