Game 202 | December 17, 1971 | Bob Short
A Minnesota hotel owner and successful businessman, Short purchased the Minneapolis Laker's in the late 1950s and moved the team to Los Angeles following the 1959-60 NBA season. In the fall of 1968 he purchased the struggling Washington Senators baseball team. He hired Ted Williams as manager in 1969, but moved the team to Dallas to become the Texas Rangers in 1972. He ran for U.S. Senate in Minnesota in 1972, losing to Republican Dave Durenberger.

Game 208 | May 26, 1972 | Ted Williams, Bob Short
For Williams it was his first Dunkers appearance since 1958. Short, the Minneapolis business entrepreneur who had enticed Williams from retirement to manage his Washington Senators, had just moved that team to Texas. Williams kept his commitment to Short to stay with the team during the controversial move. The team finished the season in 6th place with a record of 54-100, and Williams' managerial career was over.

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