Game 732 | March 31, 2009 | Dave Stead, Jon McBroom, Dan Johnson, Mike MacMillan, John Washington
Administrators and coaches gave Dunkers an inside look at the state of high school sports in Minnesota at the peak of winter tournament season

Game 788 | March 20, 2012 | Dave Stead
Stead, executive director of the Minnesota State High School League, was joined by several guests who represented some of the best moments in 100 years of state basketball tournaments in Minnesota. Dean Verdoes talked about his legendary 1960 Edgerton team, Minnesota's version of "Hoosiers." Ken Novak Jr. discussed the recent dominance of a series of boys teams from Hopkins High School. Lisa Lissimore recalled the early days of the Women's Tournament and her winning St. Paul Central team.

Game 841 | April 9, 2015 | Dave Stead, Mike Max
The Minnesota State High School League celebrated its lOOth year in 2015. Dunker member Dave Stead, the League's Executive Director since 1988, talked about milestones in the League's history and its efforts to stay current and relevant. He talked about the growth in lacrosse and soccer as well as the rapid increase in robotics and trap shooting. The League celebrated its anniversary with the publication of a coffee table book, 100 YEARS OF MEMORIES. Dave invited WCCO's Mike Max to talk about the state of sports in Minnesota high schools, and Dave also had his senior staff talk about their duties and responsibilities.