Game 452| November 15, 1993 | Tim Tschida
A St. Paul native, St. Thomas graduate and resident of nearby Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, Tschida was the youngest umpire in the American League when, at age 26, he was promoted to the major leagues in 1986.

Game 493 | February 20, 1996 | Tim Tschida
Once the youngest umpire in major league baseball. Tschida, a St. Paul native, was entering his 11th season in 1996. He talked of discussions to blend the American and National League umpiring staffs and predicted it would happen in coming years. He was right, and in 2000 the two staffs were combined. In 2007 he became a crew chief.

Game 542 | January 22, 1999 | Tim Tschida
Always a popular guest, Tschida this time talked about how umpires define a strike zone and how to call a game in a manner that encourages hitters to swing at the ball. He said that umpires would continue to resist instant replay and described the "replay bounce," when fans react loudly and often negatively to replays that are shown on televisions in concession areas.

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