Game 94 | February 10, 1961 | Norm Van Brocklin
The "Dutchman" was named head coach of the new Minnesota Vikings just 23 days before he appeared at Dunkers. He remained the Vikings head coach until February 1967 when he resigned and was replaced by Bud Grant. As a player; Van Brocklin put together a Hall of Fame career through-out the 1950s as quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles, which he led to the NLF title in 1960.

Game 272 | July 26, 1979 | Norm Van Brocklin
The former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons got back into coaching in 1979 as the running backs coach at Georgia Tech. He did some football broadcasting the next year, but began to have a number of health issues. After a brain tumor was removed he told the press, "It was a brain transplant. They gave me a sportswriter's brain, to make sure I got one that hadn't been used." He was in Minneapolis the week he spoke to Dunkers as Honorary Coach of the Minnesota High School Football All-Star Game. He suffered a stroke in 1983 and died the next day at age 57.

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